At Welcome Real Time we provide the banking and payment industry with payment based loyalty solutions. We help financial institutions run real-time loyalty marketing programmes that drive change in customer behaviour, leading to improved customer satisfaction, retention and profitability.

Our unique knowledge of payment based loyalty, real-time earn & burn at point of sale combined with our understanding of best practices deliver a powerful insight into customer behaviour. With Welcome Real Time solutions, our clients understand more about their customers resulting in better informed decisions and more successful marketing campaigns. We have the flexibility to provide the business model best suited for you, from a managed service to an onsite solution.

Welcome Real Time has developed and implemented its unique and award winning solutions for the banking and payment industry across the 5 continents, for more than 23 clients, resulting in more than 36 million customers’ accounts and over 1 million merchants. Our proven experience in stimulating customer engagement has helped our clients maximise both the number of active customers and the level of commitment - resulting in more loyalty and increased revenues.

In September 2014, Welcome Real Time was acquired by Collinson Group, a global leader in influencing customer behaviour to drive revenue and add value for clients. Welcome Real Time is able to draw from this expertise in developing the most suitable products and services for our clients and enables us to be an agile and trusted partner.


Our History

From its inception in 1996 Welcome Real Time has achieved many notable milestones, including the expansion across the 5 continents, the winning of many industry awards through to its acquisition by the Collinson Group in 2014


Welcome Real Time, founded by Aneace Haddad and High Co. society in order to develop marketing solutions for payment cards


Welcome Real Time is rewarded and wins the "ROI of the year" price for its solution capabilities to create a high added-value on banking services


Welcome's worldwide portfolio exceeds 20 clients, with major new clients in Brazil and in the UK


Welcome Real Time revamps its solution and moves to a full online technology


Development of new managed services dedicated to acquirers and issuers. The company enters the Icelandic market and the French market with Valitor and Crédit Mutuel - CIC


Acquisition of Welcome Real Time by the Collinson Group

How else can we help you?

We are passionate about helping financial organisations make the most of their loyalty programme. These offerings span all phases of your project life cylce, from marketing and IT through to planning, building and running.