Managed services

Through our Managed and Operations services centre, Welcome Real Time offers a complete package of managed services, allowing your teams to focus on your core business and achieve your commercial goals without worrying about infrastructure set-up and day-to-day operations whilst reducing cost. Our mission is to focus on the IT infrastructure and daily operations so that you can focus on your loyalty programme and business targets. Our clients benefit from working closely with our Managed and Operations team while all our departments - development, maintenance and project- bring you the best service and support you can have.

There is no one more equipped than Welcome Real Time to host and manage the Welcome XLS products. Our unique experiences allow us to provide you with value-added services based on:

  • A deep knowledge of Welcome XLS products usage and operations
  • A complete control of the infrastructure on which Welcome XLS is running (hardware & OS, communication infrastructure, etc.)
  • Proven customer support experience with skilled resources
  • A global presence with 24X7 operation and maintenance services coverage.

Typical managed services delivered include:

  • Infrastructure, network and software set-up
  • Security set-up (in line with industry standards e.g PCI, PA DSS)
  • Daily infrastructure operations and monitoring (system availability, storage)
  • Daily software applications operations and monitoring (application availability, files processing)
  • Programme activity monitoring (monthly reports of platform activity)
  • SLA activities delivery
  • Level-1 support for users (operations support, software features support)
  • Software update management (version control, deployment and verification of software updates)

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