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Red Point, a national loyalty programme supported by Welcome Real Time solution is launched by 360 Finance for Petrovis in Mongolia

12 October'17

Aix-en-Provence, France, 12th October 2017

Welcome Real Time, a Collinson Group company - leading provider of loyalty solutions, and 360 Finance – a committed and trusted company providing international and domestic best practice and services in the microfinance market of Mongolia, are proud to announce the launch of the Red Point rewards programme in Mongolia.

Red Point rewards programme is a national loyalty programme enabling customers across Mongolia to accumulate points at 400 Petrovis petrol stations.

All types of bank customers are automatically registered in the loyalty programme, having the opportunity to earn points whenever they shop at Petrovis stations. Customers are able to redeem their points against goods via an online catalogue and a mobile application, as well as to choose to combine points and payment to buy any of the available goods. They are then able to collect their order at any Petrovis station nearby.

 “With the support of Welcome Real Time powerful loyalty solution, Red Point is gaining customers’ attention and 360 Finance enables the Banks as well as Petrovis to reward their customers for their loyalty. Red Point counts already more than 130,000 active cards and more than 7000 loyalty transactions are being completed everyday” said Mr. Mr. KHALIUNBAT Myagmarjav, Chairman and CEO, 360 Finance, Mongolia.

Welcome Real Time is proud to be part of this very successful programme launch.  We are glad to support 360 Finance in this new and innovative rewards programme, and see such good performances in a short timeframe. Welcome Real Time is devoted to guide 360 Finance in this new programme launch in Mongolia” said Thierry Reginato, General Manager, Welcome Real Time.




About Welcome Real Time

Welcome Real Time is part of the Collinson Group, a global leader in shaping and influencing customer behaviour to drive revenue and add value for our clients. Through our range of proven and innovative banking and payment based solutions, Welcome Real Time helps organisations run real-time loyalty and marketing programmes leading to improved customer satisfaction, retention and profitability.


About 360 Finance

The 360 NBFI Co Ltd. was founded in 2015, by a Mongolian entrepreneur. The company was established to support its partners by implementing advanced technologies and providing them with complex payment services to strengthen their business.

360 Finance team consists in a team of experts, with six to ten years of experience in the banking sector. In the past, the company obtained a card management system from BPC Group Banking Technologies. The company released closed loop cards, POS terminals, and is partnering and cooperating with one of the Mongolia’s innovative banks – Xac Bank at the strategic level.

Currently, the company is mainly doing acquiring businesses at all 400 petrol stations of Petrovis, a largest petroleum provider in Mongolia, and processing all non-cash transactions on its POS terminals. 


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