Card issuers

With increased competition and regulatory pressures, card issuers are restricted in their value proposition to customers, struggling to increase card usage and brand equity.


Card issuers face multiple challenges:

  • Decreasing revenues due to regulatory pressures
  • Facing retailers' high expectations in a very competitive market
  • Decreasing performance from existing loyalty programmes

How can these challenges be addressed?

Drive a 'top of wallet' effect to increase card usage and spend

Attract strategic merchants to fund the rewards providing them accurate segmentation

Improve your existing loyalty programme with relevant offers for your cardholders and multiple redemption channels

Bring differentiation and recognition through an innovative card payment experience

How you will benefit from working with Welcome Real Time

By working with Welcome Real Time, card issuers are able to:

  • Run multiple loyalty schemes for various card products on the same platform
  • Better position their card product offering with relevant offers and communications
  • Attract new sources of rewards funding
  • Improve perception of the value of the rewards earned
  • Fight against decreasing revenues
  • Run a successful and cost-efficient programme

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