Issuers-Acquirers manage two main businesses - card issuing and merchant acquiring - each with their own increasing competition and regulatory pressures. In addition, both activities need to work in synergy in order to bring the full benefits of interchange and merchant revenues.


Issuers-Acquirers face multiple challenges:

  • Decreasing revenues due to regulatory pressures
  • Addressing customers' expectations in a competitive market
  • Matching retailers' expectations of the banking services
  • Decreasing volumes of 'On-us' transactions
  • Decreasing performance from existing loyalty programmes

How can these challenges be addressed?

Improve your customers' experience through real-time POS earning and redemption

Maximise the payment chain's value in developing value added services, bringing a higher perceived value to merchants

Run multiple loyalty schemes for various card products on the same platform

Propose multi-channel redemptions to attract customers to engage in your programme

How you will benefit from working with Welcome Real Time

By working with Welcome Real Time, Issuers-Acquirers will:

For your card issuing business:

  • Provide easy-to-use POS channel redemption for better customer engagement
  • Drive 'top of wallet' effect to increase card usage and card spend
  • Better position their card product offering with relevant offers and communications towards their cardholders
  • Attract new sources of reward funding  
  • Improve perception of the value of the rewards earned through relevant targeted offers

 For your merchant acquiring business:

  • Increase in-store spend by driving footfall and repeat visits at merchants'
  • Enrich POS capabilities with POS channel redemption adding value to the payment tools
  • Increase merchant acquisition/retention
  • Increase relevance of merchant network to card users 

As a result:

  • Bring differentiation and recognition through an innovative payment experience
  • Maximise the payment chain's value in developing and monetising value added services bringing a higher perceived value to cardholders and merchants
  • Fight against decreasing revenues

...ultimately delivering a successful and cost efficient programme.

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