In a very competitive market seeking innovation and profitability, processors' are facing rising compliance costs and increasing operational expenses due to the development of new payment channels silos.


In order to ensure their proposition remains attractive, processors need to address multiple challenges by bringing an enhanced and different value proposition to the market.

These challenges include:

  • Deceasing revenue due to regulatory pressures and processing cost cutting
  • Addressing customers' expectations in a competitive market
  • Bringing value to retailers
  • Being innovative in a competitive market   

How can these challenges be addressed?

Manage multiple loyalty programmes for various customers through one platform

Bring to the market powerful capabilities that help your clients increase their transaction values

Add value to merchants and card issuers through a future-proof solution

Increase your competitiveness in a changing market through a suite of differentiated services

How you will benefit from working with Welcome Real Time

By working with Welcome Real Time, processors will:

  • Bring differentiation and recognition through innovative core products and services
  • Better position their core products and services towards their clients

...ultimately strengthen their position and credibility in the market

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