Retail banks

In the last few years, retail banks have been facing intense competition from new entrants (pure players, non-financial organisations such as supermarkets ...) proposing alternatives for every aspect of the retail banking business, which led to a decreasing trust and confidence from their customers.


Retail banks now face multiple challenges including:

  • Decreasing overall profitability of customer relationship
  • Declining value of bank’s perceived image
  • Lack of synergies between business units
  • Extending value proposition from existing loyalty programmes

How can these challenges be addressed?

Break the business units’ silos enabling you to run a programme rewarding all customers

Hook your customers with rewards on everyday banking operations through adapted channels

Develop brand equity thanks to a better recognition from the targeted customers

Influence customers’ behaviour towards more profitable products and services

How you will benefit from working with Welcome Real Time

By working with Welcome Real Time, retail banks will:

  • Provide their customers with more options for multi-channel earning and redemption
  • Regain trust and confidence from their customers with relevant offers and communications
  • Enhance the synergies between banking business units and ease synergy and communication between them
  • Match various business units’ needs in terms of objectives (money transfer, uptake of insurance...) and segmentation (senior customers, online customers...)

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